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What To Know About Commercial Masonry

commercial masonry portland orNot everyone can bring the best commercial masonry service to the table. It takes years of dedicated practice and all types of engineering along the way to get the job done right. Plus, the right quality of materials needs to be used to ensure that the structures last.

If you have a commercial property in Portland and you are planning to construct a parking lot, driveway, retaining walls, sidewalks, patio, or anything else, it's important to choose a good masonry contractor who specializes in such work.

With an experience commercial mason, you will be offered many options whereas someone who just works with concrete or patio pavers will offer limited choices. By working with an expert like us here at Sprenger Masonry in Portland, OR, you have all the amazing design options you want and the construction will be completed well.

Commercial Walkways Don't Have To Be Boring

Sidewalks don't have to be made of dull, ugly concrete. They can be made from many other materials with most of the favorites in brick, natural stone, asphalt, or rubberized pavers. And within those types of materials, there are variations in color and styles available. You can get brick and natural stone in many colors. When you go with a natural stone look, you'll also have options in different materials from river rock, limestone, flagstone, slate, granite, marble, or faux stone. Walkways not only route your traffic, they add a very nice touch to your landscaping design.

Commercial Patios Add Appeal

There's nothing that can add more appeal to your commercial property than a patio area for your customers or tenants. Sophisticated and successful commercial property owners know that taking an otherwise dull or useless area of the property and turning it into a gathering place for enjoyable experiences is a great way to add value and give customers what they want -a gorgeous place to rest and spend a little quality time enjoying themselves.

Whether a large area or small, your property can sustain a gorgeous patio area where a few plants thrive, bringing in some great oxygenated air to the atmosphere and introducing some beautiful color. Talk about creating something dramatic to draw attention!

And there are so many ways you can dress up a patio area including the addition of water features, flowers, special lighting and more. Just be sure you're letting us plan in a few places for sitting and you'll have a patio area that's attractive and perfect for your building.

Retaining Walls For Commercial Properties

Retaining walls are highly important to remedy problems with rainwater runoff and soil erosion. But they also help create special effects for a commercial property as well as route pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Retaining walls need to be designed and installed properly in order for them to serve their purpose well. Otherwise, you could have rainwater flooding out the parking lot or causing problems for customers near the entrance to the building.

Designing these masonry structures takes a bit of skill. The parking lot, sidewalks, retaining walls, and other hard surfaces need to be designed to ensure the water runs where it should. A parking lot or the building's concrete foundation will suffer early degradation if water pools on or beside it.

Expert Portland Commercial Masonry Services

Our team is fully equipped with the skills and all the tools we need to create a beautiful new patio, parking lot, driveway, retaining walls, or walkways for your commercial property. Whether you are looking for something spectacular or something that just fits in nicely, we can help you create an amazing new look for your commercial building.

And we know you have high expectations, which is why we're always putting our best foot forward. We know you expect and deserve high-quality workmanship and first class materials. Whether you're looking for patios or walkways of brick, natural stone, pavers, or a mixture of them, we're ready to assist you with the installation and design.

If you are looking for a commercial masonry contractor, call Sprenger Masonry at 503-558-0330 or complete our online request form.

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