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Check out the most recent articles from Sprenger Masonry, LLC for tips and more from our Portland masonry contractors.

5 Uses for Glass Blocks in Commercial Buildings

commercial glass blocks portland or Glass block masonry may not suit everyone's tastes, but you can certainly use glass blocks creatively in your West Linn commercial property. If you think of glass blocks as outdated building materials, then you may not be aware of the various styles, colors, textures, shapes, and installation systems involved in modern glass block masonry… Read More

What To Know About Commercial Masonry

commercial masonry portland orNot everyone can bring the best commercial masonry service to the table. It takes years of dedicated practice and all types of engineering along the way to get the job done right. Plus, the right quality of materials needs to be used to ensure that the structures last.… Read More

Why Is My Fireplace Smoky?

smokey fireplaces portland orIf your fireplace is getting smoky, it can be a very dangerous situation. There are a number of different reasons that fireplaces in Portland become smokey. Here are some tips to help you avoid this situation … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Retaining Walls in Portland

retaining walls portland orRetaining walls can be an excellent addition to your landscape, and at Sprenger Masonry, we can help you create a custom built, high quality retaining wall for your property. Our Portland masonry contractors use only the highest quality materials, and we'll construct your new retaining wall with the craftsmanship and artistry that our company is known for. We understand how important your landscape is to you and your family, so we always strive to create the best stone masonry retaining walls possible … Read More

3 Reasons To Choose Stone For Your New Patio

stone patio portland orWhen you are looking at installing a new patio for your home, the type of surface you choose is going to have a major impact on both the appearance and the function … Read More

4 Ways to Design a Great Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen portland orThere's no better way to enjoy an evening at home in Portland than with a great … Read More

Add Value to your Portland Home with and Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace portland orIf you are trying to find a way to increase the value of your Portland home, it is always beneficial to add a unique feature that differentiates your property from all the others. One example … Read More

What Stone For Your Outdoor Kitchen?

stone outdoor kitchen portland orOutdoor kitchens are simply a fun and unique addition to any home, large or small. An outdoor kitchen can transform an unused area of back yard into the most favorite place in the home … Read More

Boring Commercial Masonry Contractor Tips

commercial masonry boring orSeek the help of a qualified Boring commercial masonry contractor! Once you have located a Boring commercial masonry contractor is it vital that you discuss what plans you want to achieve … Read More

Advantages of Sandy Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchens sandy orThe solution is the construction of Sandy outdoor kitchens. Improving the Sandy house by creating this is very practical if you always have parties or gatherings in your home … Read More

How to Install your Portland Concrete Pavers

pavers portland orThe ease of installation and reinstallation of concrete pavers has given way to the popularity of this construction material. You can use them for your walkways, driveways or even seating areas around the “islands” in your garden … Read More

The Benefits Of Hiring Portland Asphalt Pavers

asphalt pavers portland orHave you ever seen a home with Asphalt paving? You may have noticed that trucks laying asphalt on the road to strengthen it further. This is an important step especially if there’s plenty of traffic coming and going on that particular road. As a Portland homeowner, you may have considered paving your driveway or other parts of your property with Asphalt … Read More

Important Tips on Portland Driveway Paving

driveway paving portland orPlenty of people think that driveway paving in Portland is a tedious and costly experience. It may be appropriately so. The real thing about driveway paving is that it will truly be a huge job and at the same time expensive. Regardless of all these drawbacks, it is simply undeniable that a newly paved driveway is truly a good way to recreate a new look for your home … Read More

Retaining Walls Greatly Improve Appearance of Portland Homes

retaining walls portland orImproving the appearance of your Portland home by adding or installing retaining walls can create a dramatic effect to the overall appearance of the property. Local Portland Masonry Contractor Sprenger Masonry shares tips on using retaining walls to improve your property value and attractiveness … Read More

Looking For Someone To Do Masonry For You in Portland?

masonry portland orMasonry is one of the most classic forms of architecture. Known to exist even during the early civilizations, this is a branch of architecture that focuses on the building of structures using mortar. Mortar has been in use for centuries as a paste that seals 2 materials together … Read More

Advantages of Building with Portland Masonry

portland masonryBuilding with masonry, without a doubt, is a timeless form of art. It involves constructing of structures through individual units that are laid in one by one and bound together using mortar. Common materials used are brick, granite, limestone, tile, glass block, concrete block, stone, marble, and stucco. Logically, this technique is no less a highly durable type of construction … Read More

Planning for a Fireplace Remodel in Portland

fireplaces portland orPlanning is the first step in any Portland fireplace remodel. While it seems a simple matter to change the moldings or facings around the firebox, there are other steps you need to take before you start buying materials and tearing things out … Read More

Different Types of Portland Retaining Walls and Why You Need Them

retaining walls portland orIf your home is on top or near sloped ground, then it’s necessary that you build Portland retaining walls in order to support the built up pressure … Read More

Constructing Retaining Walls can Improve the Overall Appearance of your Portland Home

retaining wall portland orImproving the appearance of one’s home is one of the aspirations of many homeowners who do not have plans of relocating or transferring to a new house in the future … Read More

Tips on How to Find the Right Portland Masonry Company for Your Home or Business

masonry contractor portland orGreat paving is a big boost not only to the beauty of a home and business grounds, but also to functionality. It leaves a strong good impression … Read More

The Use of Concrete Work in Portland

concrete masonry portland orHomeowners like you need to improve their home to increase its market value in instances that you have plans of disposing it in the near future. Your home improvement should not be limited within the confines of the house since the exterior portion of your home has to be in good condition too so that buyers will get entice to take a look of your property … Read More

Natural Stone Patios in Portland - The Best Way to Set Landscape and Swimming Pool Areas in Stone

patios portland orTo the average homeowner, swimming pool patios and dining patios are valued but seriously underestimated in terms of their power to really define an outdoor living space. Natural stone works great for patios, considering it lasts longer than pavers and does not fade in color or become slippery like stamped concrete. In general, natural stone patios provide a number of opportunities to transform the most functional aspect of a landscape and swimming pool into an art-form that enhances the overall ambience … Read More

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