Masonry Construction and Repair for Portland Residents

When it comes to custom masonry construction, masonry landscape projects, or masonry repair, most of us like the look of the finished product, but believe the cost is far too expensive to consider.

Although this may have been the case in our parents generation, masonry construction costs are actually affordable in today's world. This is partially due to the fact that materials such as concrete and mortar are mass-produced. Add to this the reduced labor involved in attaining rock materials, (more-efficient machinery for cutting, gathering and delivering natural stone products), and you have a win-win situation.

In fact, commercial masonry is one of the fastest growing industries in our country. With the advent of concrete stamping and its nearly undetectable resemblance to natural stone, the masonry construction industry is booming.

What this means to the consumer is that professionally-landscaped walkways, retaining walls, patios, or enclosed grilling areas are within nearly everyone's financial reach.

Nonetheless, there are some very important things to remember when considering the addition of stone or concrete accouterments to your property.

First, does the design flow? Nothing is more distressing than purchasing a soundly-constructed home whose yard has been sectioned into unrelated abutments that prevent strategic lawn chair placement, unrestricted patio access, or restricts movement throughout the lawn and garden areas. How do you avoid this kind of catastrophe on your own property? Seek the help of qualified commercial masonry professionals!

Once you have located a competent commercial masonry company, talk. Talk about every idea you have ever considered for your property. If you are speaking to a seasoned masonry professional, they will understand your concepts, improve upon them, and help you enhance the integrity of your space. They will be able to tell you whether you can best attain the look you prefer through the use of natural rock or concrete stamping. Additionally, a true masonry expert will be experienced at reconciling existing issues and, through careful planning, can incorporate both masonry repair and new construction into the same affordable package.

How will you know you have located a suitable masonry construction company?

  • An experienced masonry expert will enhance your outdoor living space and help you implement your vision. Listen closely. Do they discard everything you say and ask you to go an entirely different direction, or do they build upon your concepts and make them better?
  • A qualified masonry professional can actually save you money. Are you speaking with someone who provides realistic information about property angles, anchors, materials and labor? Qualified masons have been working in the industry for decades and know how to adapt appropriate materials to your particular landscaping needs, be they natural rock, rebar and stamped concrete or drain-able retaining walls.
  • Look at examples of their work. Better yet - watch them work. True craftsmen make their task look easy, but take an extravagant amount of time on details that make the finished product look as if it cost a fortune to produce.

Get more than one masonry quote. Before making your final decision, converse with and check the portfolio of several masonry construction companies. In the end, your decision will be based as much upon the personal impression you got from the company as their price and contribution of ideas. Commercial masonry companies have a lot of competition these days - but true craftsmen still exist. They know the market, the amount of time required to produce excellent results, and take immense pride in their work. In the end, voting to save a few pennies by opting for a company whose work is inferior or who is asking that you scrap your vision in favor of theirs, can lead to years of discontentment.

Upon completion, your outdoor living area should be a place you are constantly drawn to. It should make you smile when you view and experience it. If so, you have been touched by the brush of a true artisan. Subsequent visits to this environment will only continue to gratify. You will want to invite others to share the experience. Using the services of a professional masonry construction expert can provide years of pleasure in your outdoor living area.

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